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Code3Simulator Pricing

Code3Simulator’s license price starts at $10,000 and increases based on annual call volume, with attractive incentives for combined purchases by cooperating jurisdictions. The license price includes initial in-person training at our facility and reasonable data conversion work. Annual maintenance fees, covering ongoing basic support and new feature releases, are priced as a percentage of the initial license price.

Our team of consultants — veteran emergency service professionals, software engineers and data analysts — also provides a full range of software, data and strategic analysis services, from simple data converters to comprehensive, written strategic assessments, delivered and presented with you to your stakeholders.


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Coelo Company of Design has been bringing high-quality software and hardware/software solutions to its customers in the public safety, healthcare and manufacturing sectors since 1999. Located in Oregon's idyllic Willamette Valley, Coelo is home to a talented, diverse family of innovators passionately committed to helping our communities and our world through our work.


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How Best Can We Serve?

The question lives in us all, from the first-day probie to the most senior chief.

Code3Simulator Provides Answers!

Advanced Resource Planning Simulation: Chaos into Clarity

Redeploy people and apparatus, and predict the effects on response times, patient care, staff workload and other metrics in seconds. Move fire stations, redraw running districts, and change dispatch rules just as easily, and compare different strategies with a click.

We help you:

  • Make the best possible predictions on your strategic options
  • Know how accurate they are
  • Be a self-sufficient, data driven strategist

Read more details or request more information.

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Advanced Resource Planning Simulation: Chaos into Clarity

  • Resource Editor

    Modeling alternative strategies is almost as easy as imagining them. The resource editor lets you assign people and apparatus to stations with simple drag-and-drop operations.

    resource editor
  • Map Editor

    The map editor enables you to move stations and other locations (hospitals, etc.) around by clicking and dragging. It also enables you to click and drag to re-shape running districts. (Running districts can be imported directly from your CAD system or GIS in shapefile format).

    map editor
  • Incident Causes

    You can create your own hierarchy of incident causes, for responding to and analyzing incidents according to categories that make sense to you.

    hierarchy of incident causes
  • Dispatch Rules

    Finally, you define the rules by which you dispatch resources to emergencies. You can specify rules at whatever level of detail you want, by cause, geography and time.

    More specific rules override more general ones – make a specific rule for Code3 EMS calls in the downtown area after 9pm that overrides a more general one for all EMS calls in the city. Define exact running orders, and precise behaviors of resources on each kind of call.

    dispatch rules editor
  • Consistency Checker

    Once your model is complete, our simple consistency-checker warns you of any inadvertent oversights. Now run your model against your incident history, see how it performs, and how it stacks up against other alternatives with Code3Simulator’s simple, powerful analysis framework.

    consistency checker

Make Clear, Data-Driven Plans with Predictive Analytics

Optimizing strategies in modern fire/EMS services is incredibly complex. Code3Simulator helps you master the complexity, and evaluate strategic options with hard data.

“What if we put a medic at Station 14 from 0800-1700, weekdays?” Run the analysis within seconds, and get clear summaries that illustrate the tradeoffs, and detail-level reports down to the level of individual calls and even dispatch decisions and unit actions.

Read our whitepaper or request more information.

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Get Enthusiastic Stakeholder Support for Your Decisions

Your stakeholders are smart, dedicated people, but they typically don’t understand your job. Code3Simulator helps you make it crystal clear to them with clear numeric comparisons of different options.

Incisive charts and illuminating maps drive home key points. Most important, anecdotal evidence (“A 3.6-minute delay to a kitchen fire at 3500 S. Poplar? That’s near Aunt Mary’s place!”) makes it real to human decision makers. Code3Simulator provides crucial glimpses of the human details.

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Get Enthusiastic Stakeholder Support for Your Decisions